Celebrating Pioneering Aircraft: Meet the New LEGO Concorde 10318 Set

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Embarking on a nostalgic journey, I recently found myself immersed in the awe-inspiring presence of the legendary Concorde at Aerospace Bristol.

Ticking off one of my bucket list items, I stood in front of, beneath, and inside this true engineering legend. There she was, the testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation and the spirit of international cooperation that defined an era of supersonic aspirations.

Concorde Alpha Foxtrot, was the last Concorde ever to fly, and it’s fitting to find it in this aircraft museum in Filton, given the brand’s historic first flight back in 1969 was from Filton. It was meant to be.

Concorde G-BOAF at Aerospace Bristol
A dream come true as I stood next to this icon of the skies in Aerospace Bristol

As I stood before this iconic symbol of human ingenuity and progress, it evoked a sense of wonder and admiration for the technological marvel that once graced the skies.

When I heard that the LEGO® Icons Concorde (10318) set was a thing, my mind started planning where this beast was going to sit in my living room! Here, my favourite building block brand has captured the very essence of a defining aircraft.

Why Was Concorde Technically Awesome?

Concorde soared into the skies in an era defined by the pursuit of supersonic travel. Its journey began in the 1950s, arising from a vision shared by the British and French aerospace industries, both eager to push the boundaries of flight. The dream of a supersonic passenger aircraft, capable of traversing the Atlantic in record time, gradually took shape through collaborative efforts and a shared determination to achieve the seemingly impossible.

After years of meticulous planning and development, Concorde finally made its maiden flight on 2nd March 1969, taking off from Filton, England, and Toulouse, France. This inaugural flight marked the culmination of countless hours of research, design, and engineering innovation, solidifying Concorde’s place in history as a groundbreaking marvel of aviation technology.

Concorde’s sleek and elegant design, characterised by its unmistakable delta wings and distinctive droop-nose, swiftly captured the imagination of the world. Its ability to traverse the Atlantic in less than half the time of conventional airliners not only redefined the possibilities of air travel but also set a new standard for luxury and sophistication in the skies.

Just imagine what it would be like if Concorde was still in service today. Concorde’s fastest transatlantic journey was on 7th February 1996, jetting off from New York and landing in London in a mere 2 hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds!

Sadly, I never flew on this inspirational aircraft, and I can only dream of reaching New York in under three hours, but I can at least now say I’ve stepped aboard this marvel of engineering.

So, what was its demise? In a word, cost. The astronomical operating costs, its significant environmental impact, and, perhaps most poignantly of all, the cost of human lives it stole.

The fleet retired in 2003, truly ending a defining era in the aviation industry. But even today, Concorde still inspires generations and innovations. Perhaps that’s why the LEGO Concorde model is proving so successful (just check out the hundreds of glowing customer reviews!).

LEGO Concorde 10318 Review

Rekindling the spirit of aeronautical marvels, the LEGO® Icons Concorde (10318) model takes enthusiasts on an exhilarating journey of creativity and construction. Inspired by the iconic supersonic passenger aircraft, this meticulously crafted LEGO replica pays homage to the legendary Concorde, capturing its sleek design and intricate engineering details.

This 2083-piece set is aimed at AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) as a decorative piece. LEGO art if you will. It’s either the perfect start to a grown-up LEGO model collection or an excellent addition to a growing collection. While designed for adults, older teens will enjoy putting this together, be may need adult supervision and assistance.

Little prepares you for the space required for this detailed replica of the world’s most famous supersonic jet. It might only be 15cm (6″) tall and 43cm (17″) wide, but this monster spans over a metre (105cm; 42″) in length! You might want to get the tape measure out first, although, if you’re like me, you’ll be shouting “shut up a take my money” regardless of what logic tells you!

Here’s a YouTube video by Concorde Pilot Jacky Ramon, LEGO Designer Milan Madge and LEGO Element Designer Yoel Mazur explaining the features of this LEGO Icons set.

The scale replica LEGO Concorde model faithfully recreates the sleek lines of this aerodynamic beast. It boasts a gearing system to raise and lower the landing gear and an adjustable droop nose and visor. There’s even a retractable tail landing gear mechanism, designed to protect the tail during steep take-offs and landings. As you’d expect, there’s delta wings with movable elevons plus hinged upper and lower rudders.

Inside, I like the building technique used to create the seating area, and like that the designers even managed to fit a toilet in there. There’s probably an unfathomably long queue for it as there always seems to be when you really need to go!

There’s a nicely detailed plaque and stand as part of this set, allowing you to display it in take-off, landing or mid-flight positions. I’d argue it looks best displayed on a wall, so you might want to check out the market for aftermarket components from sellers other than LEGO.

Digital instructions are available in the LEGO® Builder app but I’m a dinosaur and prefer traditional paper-based manuals. 

LEGO Concorde 10318
LEGO Concorde 10318. Photo credit to LEGO Group

So, we’ve established it’s awesome, but the question you’re probably asking yourself is, am I too old for LEGO? NEVER! If, like me, you grew up with a sea of LEGO sets, you’ll probably already understand its appeal as an adult. For me, it’s therapeutic. It offers me a sense of calm. It’s great for mental health, and great as a productive hobby whereby you create something meaningful from a big box of bricks that you’re actually proud to display. I can’t think of much that beats the challenge to build a detailed replica of the world’s most famous supersonic commercial passenger aircraft. 

Where to Buy

The LEGO Icons 10318 Concorde model is available to buy online at the official LEGO® Shop here°. Order your box today.

I need the LEGO Icons 10318 Concorde model in my life

I want to order a box right now!

There are aftermarket products available to enhance the model. One I’ve seen is a set of wall brackets so you can display this rather large LEGO model as a piece of artwork vertically on your wall.

Another is the (unofficial) 10318 light kit that brings life to the model, adding LED cockpit lights, and glows to the jet engines and air intakes. It’s a subtle means to enhance the realism through intricate lighting, but is ideal for adding an additional wow factor to this stunning display piece. They’re usually powered by a USB hub or AA/AAA batteries. While beautiful, the LED lighting kit contains fiddly wires that are a right pain to get into place without detracting from this stunning model. It should enhance rather than distract, so take your time to hide as many of the wires as you can if you go down this route.

Where to See Concorde

Follow in my footsteps and marvel at Concorde in person. There are several aircraft dotted around the UK.

Aerospace BristolFilton, BristolG-BOAF
Brooklands Museum°Weybridge, SurreyG-BBDG (Production development aircraft)
Duxford Aviation SocietyDuxford, Cambridge, CambridgeshireG-AXDN (Pre-production test aircraft)
Fleet Air Arm MuseumYeovilton, Ilchester, SomersetG-BSST (British prototype)
National Museum of FlightEast Fortune Airfield, East Lothian, ScotlandG-BOAA
Runway Visitor ParkManchesterG-BOAC

Heathrow Airport proudly displays a fine example of a British Airways Concorde (G-BOAB) located next to the British Airways maintenance hangers, but it is not open to the public. You can, however, spot a glimpse next to the threshold of Runway 27L and you’ll also see it from vantage points around Hatton Cross Underground station.

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Do you love the Concorde as much as I do? Do you think this LEGO Concorde model captures its essence? Let me know in the comments below.

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